Madero Pastry was created based on the experience gained by 3 generations of pistachio cultivators and processors in Bronte. The subsequent purchase of a cake shop turned out to be a decisive step for transforming the passion of two young Sicilians into a true workshop of flavour. Today, the brand Pistì is recognized and appreciated for the quality of its homemade processing methods. The new facility was set up in Bronte in 2008, in the homeland of the so-called green gold, where this region's natural bent was worthy of the PDO seal. The enthusiasm uniting us all in Madera originates from our respect for traditions and the ancient harvesting and processing methods that are typical of our place of origin. The attention and meticulousness with which we inspect and select our pistachio allows us to provide products with a truly unique flavour, quality and properties. Constant monitoring and a thorough knowledge of the places of origin of the raw material ensure our products may be carefully selected in order to provide a certified, guaranteed product. These are the results of considerable experience that since 1895 has been benefiting from the heritage of a devoted family with a passion for cultivating pistachio orchards in Sicily.

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