The way we operate

STEP 1 - Receiving and carrying out an order

When the orders are correctly closed, the system sends automatically a summing up e-mail to the client and a copy to Vino & Co srl. If the client does not receive the e-mail, it means that the order has not been sent correctly. In this case, please contact 091 6459711. The orders correctly received and complete with the correct data are carried out the working day after the email has been received; the arrival and the number given to the order is respected in the process of the order. In case of payment by bank transfer, the order will be carried out as soon as the client sends an e-mail of confirmation of payment to or a fax to 091426703, enclosing the complete bank transfer account and reference number. The consignment will be done after the transferred amount is credited. In case of incorrect orders( ex. missing/wrong address, unfulfilled credit card payment, we will call the client or send him an e-mail in order to solve the problem and carry out the order. The client will be contacted also if the articles are not immediately available or they are not conform to the quality standards of our consignment. In this case it will be possible to modify the order by phone with one of our operators or wait for the arrival of the article chosen. 

STEP 2 - Delivery by courier.

The placed orders are delivered every day from Monday to Friday at 01.00.p.m. Until this time in the day of the order, or the day after if the order has been carried out in the afternoon, it is possible to modify the content, the payment terms and the receiver's address. In this case we'll need a day more for the delivery. In 2 working days the delivery will be done ex. an order sent on Monday will be delivered on Thursday).

STEP 3 - Delivery to the client

The delivery can be done in any time of the day, so it is advisable to give a safe address, (working place, friends, relatives) so that our courier can always find somebody. Our courier will leave a delivery note in case of absence of the receiver, and a phone number. It is possible to follow the delivery, calling Vino & Co Offices, 0916459711, from Monday to Friday, from 8.30 a.m to 01.00 p.m. and from 02.30 p.m to 05.30 p.m. If the receiver is absent, the courier will try to deliver the parcel a second time. In case the goods are still undelivered, the receiver will follow the instructions on the delivery note.

STEP 4 - Replacement of goods

In case has delivered you a different product or the product is damaged or no longer usable, please write an e-mail to or call 0916459711 within 2 working days from the delivery and indicate

  • Client's name
  • Name or code of the wrong product/s
  • Name or code of the product you wish to change

We will send a courier to collect the goods and send you the new ones. In case the article is temporarly out of stock, you will be contacted by our staff that will credit you the amount of money corresponding to the value of the goods, that you can use for a new order; if you prefer we can do a bank transfer on your current account. Please note: you will be charged of the delivery cost for the substitution of the goods if the article is the one you ordered but you have decided to change it. The goods have to be given back in its original packaging and not have been used. See the section CONSUMER'S RIGHT OF CANCELLATION in selling conditions.