During the period of the latifondi or large agricultural estates, which was the heart of the rural village where families spent their collective life amidst colours, scents and flavours concentrated in a few hectares of land, it was called Il Lochetto (or ù luchettu in local dialect). The existing harmony was ensured by fertile land, spring water, citruses, fig trees, walnut and hazelnut trees, olive trees and by a vegetable garden full of all types of vegetables that rotated throughout the seasons thus allowing people to be self-sufficient. However, during the period of transhumance, Il Lochetto was to provide sustenance to the estate managers who were forced to move the livestock from the mountain pastures to the seaside and to spend much time away from home. Food supplies were required containing nourishing food that would keep, even after several months. This led to the production of preserves, products that were much more than just simple nourishment. They encompassed traditional flavours that certainly kept over time, but at the same time relieved that sense of nostalgia for the hearth and home. Every day in San Salvatore di Fitalia, in the Nebrodi hills, through its preserves, the farm Il Lochetto (which is diligently and enthusiastically run by Bastiano and his collaborators) faithfully proposes those recipes handed down from generation to generation, full of this land's natural and original flavours. The farm, which was established in the 1980's, has two very important goals. The first is to produce a quality product and the second is to enhance and spread Sicilian culture and traditions by offering genuine products obtained from local raw materials that have been selected with extreme care.

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