Tomato sauce ready


Farmers from several generations of Valledolmo accomplish the growing and ripening of tomatoes without additional water. Siccagno tomato, red and juicy, is cultivated in open fields without irrigation and from this process derives their name ‘siccagno’ = dry. It is a plant of spring and summer which is usually grown with seedlings produced in greenhouses and once ready, transplanted to the field. During the cultivation, limited interventions are needed in order to keep the soil moist and free of weeds and parasitic treatments are not used. The absence of irrigation, the climate and position of the area Valledolmese, (with good levels of humidity even in the summer), result in soil that is balanced and rich in moisture. The skin of the tomato is thickened due to the small amount of water, which conserves the moisture inside resulting in a richer tasting product. The tomato siccagno of Valledolmo is sown during the months of March and April.


The first harvest takes place at the end of July and lasts for at least two months. Its processing is different depending on the use of the tomato.
For the tomato sauce the identical cooking procedure is followed as the extract, except the puree simmers for hours and then basil, garlic and extra virgin olive oil are added.

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