On the island of Favignana, Pietro Bevilacqua and his family have devoted themselves to the salting of Red Tuna fish eggs since 1991.

Pietro comes from a family of fishermen. His mentor, however, was his father-in-law, the last master salter of the Florio company of Favignana, which was the largest tuna processing plant in Europe until 1980, when it went out of business.

When it seemed that the salter's profession would be lost forever, in 1991 Pietro asked his father-in-law to hand his knowledge down to him and his family.

He taught us the tricks of the trade and now the whole family helps the business and shares the various roles.”

The production of bottarga is rapidly decreasing due to the cost of the raw materials.

Though tuna is no longer caught around the island, a small amount of reef fishing with seines still takes place. This is where the supply of fish eggs processed by the Azienda Conservittica Sammartano originates.

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