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Regaleali extra virgin Olive Oil 50 cl

VIntage 2015

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  • Bottle capacity cl. 50 cl

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The Regaleali Estate produces Tasca d’Almerita extra virgin olive oil, which is exclusively made with untreated olives from about 4,000 olive trees occupying just over 30 hectares. These plants range in age, however the historic plantation is 22 hectares. The two plots of land cultivated with the Nocellara and Biancolilla varieties are more recent, and the most recent plantation (2011) consists of 3 hectares where the Nocellara Etnea variety is cultivated as a pollinator.

For the most part, we cultivate the Nocellara and Biancolilla varieties. The first one is a significant part of table olives for local cuisine. However, we also cultivate Ogliara, Giarraffa, Rizza, Piricuddara, Frantoio, Leccino, Moraiolo and Coratina varieties; this hundred-year-old collection was created by chance and is a natural wind barrier and a boundary between one vineyard and the next. This is where the largest differences occur between high-yield and low-yield years, due to the altitude and the unique microclimate. 

These olives are hand-picked at the onset of ripening (usually in the first 10 days of November) they undergo continuous cold extraction in the nearby oil mill, and they are not filtered rather naturally decanted and preserved in nitrogen in large steel silos, in Case Grandi.

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Grape vines and olives have been an integral part of Sicilian nature for at least 3,000 years, and are almost always together - at times they are even combined with each other.

This is because in addition to enlightening antiquity and providing man with vegetable calories, the olive is a very strong carrier of a place’s flavour and personality, just like wine. This twisted plant has shaped the landscape and food culture of the entire Mediterranean area.

When the cold weather starts to abandon Regaleali in March, the oil can finally be bottled without filtering. This oil is also used here to fry the historic panelle (chickpea fritters) from Case Grandi, and a part of the harvest goes to the cooks who prepare the brine for both green and black table olives.



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Regaleali extra virgin Olive Oil 50 cl

Regaleali extra virgin Olive Oil 50 cl

VIntage 2015

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