Artichoke hearts from Cerda

In vegetable oil.

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  • Harvesting season: Spring
  • Net Weight 300

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Cerda and Niscemi are the capitals of the Sicilian artichoke. The secret to the goodness of artichoke hearts processed at Il Lochetto farm most certainly lies in the quality of the basic product, but also in the extremely short period of time from when the artichokes are picked to the moment the jar is closed, which is never more than 24-36 hours.

This characteristic of the production process ensures the artichoke is crunchy and gives it a flavour rarely tasted in industrially-processed artichokes where for obvious reasons, processing times are unlikely to be so short. In addition to this, there is another fundamental detail: the selection of the most tender part of the artichoke and 100% of the cutting done using a knife - just like in the good old days when special machinery didn’t exist.

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The artichoke plant comes from the Mediterranean and has been known for its organoleptic qualities since ancient times.

The secret of its virtues lies in its aromatic substance which gives it that unique bitter flavour, and in several of its beneficial and therapeutic properties. Man’s organ that most benefits from the artichoke’s properties is the liver. It is also rich in potassium, a mineral which affects the performance of normal heart and kidney functions.

Lastly, it contains many other minerals such as copper, zinc, sodium, phosphorous, iron salts and manganese.


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Artichoke hearts from Cerda

Artichoke hearts from Cerda

In vegetable oil.

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