The company F.lli Caprino was established in 1945 in the area of the Nebrodi mountains, in the heart of the hazelnut orchards in Sicily. Today it is managed by the founder’s children. The Caprino family has devoted over 60 years to processing conventional and organic dried fruit. The fruit from several small local producers in the towns of San Piero Patti, Ucria and Librizzi is processed to best meet the demand for the valuable hazelnut from the Nebrodi mountains. Thanks to our direct relationship with these historic suppliers, we can guarantee traceability and constant product quality. Because we listen to the latest requests from consumers and producers, about 10 years ago the company created a line of dried organic fruit to ensure the naturalness and quality of the products while protecting the environment at the same time. The company directors - who have always been involved in protecting the environment and nature - are now proud to have created an environment-friendly company that is powered by solar energy and heated by biofuel - precisely the shells of its nuts. The Caprino family's products stand out for the fact that they are prepared the moment they are ordered to ensure that unmistakeable fragrance and aroma of its Sicilian products are maintained, as each individual product is monitored from the time the raw materials are purchased to the sale of the finished product.

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