Certainly my grandfather Angelo Manna couldn’t have imagined how his farm could literally have been transformed and have changed in just a few decades when he was cultivating durum wheat and broad beans from Leonforte on the 30 hectares of his Rape farm. Not even my father Giuseppe could have imagined what we could achieve when he started his business, how many beautiful experiences and projects our company Agrirape could develop in Leonforte, in the province of Enna in the heart of Sicily. The company mission has always been to produce certain agricultural products that are typical in this area - first and foremost the late-harvest peach from Leonforte. This is an ancient local variety, the result of spontaneous crosses that have given life to this extraordinary, one-of-a-kind cultivar in terms of flavour, fragrance and aroma, whose production techniques are also quite unique. Our company also obtains jams and peaches in syrup from this extraordinary product. Our apricots are also marvellous. They are picked from a small company orchard and have a truly remarkable aroma and fragrance. Our company also produces certain typical local legumes. One is the broad bean from Leonforte, a legendary legume once considered the meat of the poor. The other classic local legume is the black lentil from the Enna hills, which almost became extinct a few years ago and that we have attempted to save - with a thousand difficulties - and to make known to those outside the boundaries of our region. Agrirape’s last dream is to cultivate rice once again in Sicily, 150 years since it was last cultivated here. Rice was brought to Europe by the Arabs, via the island, where it encountered very favourable environmental conditions - especially in the plains of Catania and Gela. However, this production disappeared a few years after Italian unification. Today, rice has once again become a reality in Sicily and we can enjoy certain typical Sicilian dishes such as the arancino (fried rice ball) or rice timbales, all 100% Made in Sicily. Our company Agrirape continues working on several new projects which we hope to complete in the near future, but they all have one common denominator: Our respect for tradition, nature, the landscape and our culture.

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