The company Konza Kiffi (Arab expression that means “the sense of taste”) was born in 2006 in the fertile volcanic land of Pantelleria. This island is rich in grapevines and capers whose fruits are used to create excellent and scented dishes. The family Lo Pinto started its business activities trying to discover and share, even with foreign people, the typical recipes of the island, passed on generation after generation. The raw materials used by the company - capers, Muscat grape, dried tomatoes and oregano- are cultivated in Bugeber district whose terracing graduates downward from the hills to the Venu's lake where the goddess was used to look in the mirror before meeting Bacco. Konza Kiffi is an important enterprise for the region and gives prominence to its traditional and sustainable system of work. It's aim is a constant research of quality food, safeguarding a long story of memories and people.

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