Condition & terms

The present conditions are based according to the Lgs. Decree of 09/06/ 2005. (Consumer code)


“Consumer” defines the physical person that buys goods and services for personal purposes and not for commercial, trading, enterpreneurial, professional, craft ones. The Consumer can buy them from the “Supplier” Vino & Co srl. with its registered offices in Palermo, Via dei Fiori 13,that is the juridical person selling goods and services on line, through the distance communication service called “internet”.

Characteristics of the product

The essential characteristics of the product of the present contract are described in details and shown on the e-catalogue.

Selling prices

All the prices of the products on the e-catalogue are inclusive of V.A.T. and any other taxes.

Delivery expenses

The delivery expenses, when not already inclusive in the price, will be charged for shipping in Italy as indicated in the order form.

  • € 12,20 (vat included) for orders up to 5 Kos
  • € 14,64 (vat included) for orders up to 10 Kos
  • Free delivery for orders above € 100 (vat escluded)

We deliver our products only European Union Countries (excluding wine). 

The following additional fares for delivery to uncomfortable places (vat incl) will be charged according to the list of locations below mentioned:

  • Campione d'Italia € 145,20
  • Livigno € 66,55
  • Isole della laguna di Venezia € 12,10
  • Isole minore della Sardegna € 24,20
  • Capri, Ischia, Procida, Cinque Terre € 18,15
  • Lampedusa, Pantelleria, Ustica, Eolie, Egadi, Pontine, Tremiti € 30,25
  • Isola del Giglio, Elba, Carloforte (CA) € 24,20
  • Sondrio € 7,26
  • Sirmione € 12,10
  • Ogliastra (NU) € 8,47
  • Basilicata (PZ, MT) € 4,84
  • Aosta, Savona, Imperia, La Spezia, Trieste, Belluno, Massa Carrara, L'Aquila, Oristano, Chioggia Sottomarina € 3,63

Offer and price validity

The price of the products is indicated on the online catalogue at the moment of purchase; any other modifications or cancellation will be regulated according to the art. 1336 C.C.

Payment terms

the Consumer can pay goods or services according to the terms indicated on the web site: by credit card in a banking system external to the Supplier organization, or by bank transfer on the Supplier's account indicated on the web site. Moreover and with some limits, as time by time shown on the web-site, a COD delivery service is available. When credit card is used, the Consumer authorizes the Supplier to use his credit card by filling the form on the web-site in favour of the Supplier for the purchase price that will be charged on his account. The online procedure is through a protected connection on the Unicredit Bank, holder and administrator of the online service, which precludes any chance of access by the Supplier.

Contract closing

The contract is to be considered closed when the Consumer has completed all the necessary formalities: a) fill the digital form with his ID; b) select the payment mode; c) click on enter key by accepting the selling conditions. The Consumer is obliged to print and keep the contract, after having examined and accepted it, according to the Lgs. Decree 206/2005. It is forbidden to the Consumer to insert untrue, invented data. The ID and the e-mail address must be exclusively referable to the Consumer. The Supplier reserves the right to persecute legally every violation and abuse, in the interest and for the security of the Consumer. The Consumer must resides where indicated on the digital form. When the Consumer inserts his telephone number, telefax, e-mail address he accepts the use of these systems of communication by the Supplier. The contract will not be closed in case of purchase by a minor.

Delivery terms

Being understood the time limit of the execution of the order as in the art. 54, parag.1, Lgs. Decree n.206/2005, the goods will be delivered by courier in 7 days (with the exception of the articles in the section”on request”) from the day after the confirmation of payment. Any delay has not to be considered either a cause of cancellation of the contract or a right to refund.

The Supplier guarantees the availability of the articles on the on-line catalogue at the moment of pubblication of it, but he can't guarantee this availability in case of a new order of the same articles because the goods could be out of stock In this case the Supplier will give communication to the Consumer and he will be refunded in the form and mode set by the art.54, parag.2, Legisl. Decree n. 206/2005.


The Supplier is not responsible for any inconvenience in case of circumstances beyond his control, such as accidents, explosions, riots, strikes, fall of gouvernment, shut-downs, earthquakes, floods, information system damage, and any other event that could not allow the execution of the transaction. The Supplier is not responsible for any damage, loss, and/or charges following the above-mentioned causes, while the Consumer will be refunded only of the amount paid out. The Supplier is not responsible for the fraudulent use of credit cards and cheques by third party, because he in no case knows the Consumer credit card number, sent through a protected connection to Unicredit Bank, holder and administrator of the service.

Guarantee and assistance

The Supplier trades high quality products, whose guarantee is provided by law and by the producer and the application of the guarantee is indicated by the producer as well as the product.

Consumer's right of cancellation

The Consumer that for any reason is not satisfied of the purchase of the product, has the right to cancel the contract within ten working days from delivery day without penalties and without specifying the reason. Even if it is not required by the law, in order to improve our service, it would be appreciated a brief explicative note about the reason of the cancellation. The right of cancellation is to be carried on by sending a certified mail with advise of delivery; the communication can also be sent by telefax, telegram, or e-mail (the address is available on the web-site).

If the goods have been already delivered, the Consumer is obliged to send them back or to give them back to the Supplier's appointed person within 10 working days from the delivery day at his own expenses and by previous written indication of the Supplier's chosen mode of return of goods. If the Consumer does not receive any indications, the return of goods will be by mail. The Consumer has no right of cancellation if all the articles have not been sent in the original packaging and provided with the brochures, if any. Whereas the Consumer exercises the right of cancellation in conformity of what has been decided, the Supplier will refund the entire amount of money already paid not later than 30 days from the date in which he has received the Consumer's communication. If the price has been paid by credit card, the Supplier will credit the same amount on the Consumer's account.

Rescission of the contract and express resolutory clause

The Supplier has the faculty of rescind a contract giving communication to the Consumer. In this case the Consumer will have the right to be refunded exclusively of the money already paid. The obligation assumed by the Consumer together with the guarantee of his payment according to the art.6, means that the non-fulfillment of one of these obligations will determine the right to rescind the contract, ex. art.1456 c.c., without any judicial proceedings, unless the Supplier decides to proceed legally to obtain a claim.

Mode of cancellation of an order

The Consumer that decides to cancel an order has to send an e-mail within 24 hours from the confirmation date of the order to, whose subject will be: “cancellation order n”, and indicating the ID already mentioned in the order.


The Consumer who wants to complaint can send an e-mail to or call 0916459711.

Online jurisdition

Any dispute for the application, execution, interpretation and violation of this contract is subject to Italian Jurisdition. In case of dispute between the two parties the judge where the Consumer resides will have jurisdition, if on the Italian territory; on the contrary the case will be gouverned by and construed in accordance with the Jurisdition of Palermo Courts.