Chickpeas from Villalba


The chickpea is an annual plant with deep, branched roots. It’s a greyish-green pubescent plant. The variety cultivated in Villalba has average-sized, round, smooth, pale-yellow seeds.

The subsoil has to be worked in order to allow the roots for chickpea cultivation to grow down deep. Sowing takes place at the end of February with a grain or broadcast seeder. The seed is to be thoroughly dressed to prevent cryptogram attacks on the seedlings.



The chickpea is traditionally harvested by uprooting the plants by hand and allowing them to completely dry in swaths in the field.

Husking is carried out using a combine harvester without the cutting element. Today, combine-harvesting is carried out directly by allowing the product to dry on the plant.

The threshing step is followed by a cleaning phase, which is carried out using a mechanical blower and winnowers.

The product is inspected before it is packaged.

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