Our small company has been dedicated for a few years to cultivating chickpeas, lentils, almonds and oregano. Our business is located in the region of the municipality of Villalba, which is in the geographic centre of Sicily, and has been specialized in cultivating legumes since ancient times.

Experience and exceptional pedoclimatic conditions have achieved excellent quality levels in these cultivations, thus demonstrating the outstanding natural agricultural bent of the regions surrounding the Villalba hills. The mainly clayey nature of the soil provides unique organoleptic properties that are also very important in nutrition.

Villalba and the surrounding area has had signification production since the 1960's, which was mainly sold in Italy and to the United States. With the advancement of agricultural industrialization, the first cultivations to be abandoned were those requiring the most labour. Our company thought it was appropriate to take these old cultivations back with the goal of putting the most unique and delicious products from our land on the market and attracting those consumers with high quality standards.

To ensure the enterprise was economically viable and check quality standards throughout all production processes, we had to independently obtain the equipment for processing and packaging chickpeas, lentils, almonds and our own defoliated oregano.

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