Benedetto Scalia's fish canning industry was established in Sciacca in 1973. The city is a marvellous terrace overlooking a sea teeming with fish, especially mackerel, sardines and anchovies. The great abundance of this type of fish has allowed many small companies involved in the production of salted sardines, anchovies and anchovy fillets to proliferate over the centuries. There are still many micro business in the city's harbour area. Benedetto's business started out small and developed over time thanks to its constant high-quality products, which in addition to conquering an increasing number of customers, also attracted the attention of several leading companies in the sector that asked the Sicilian company to produce certain items for them. The company continued expanding in a balanced fashion and the new factory was built in 1996. Increasingly attractive market shares were conquered both on the national and international scenes.

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