Arborio rice from Leonforte


The initiative to regain the production of Sicilian rice, started in 2010 during a meeting with a Sicilian chef, who praised the quality of the rice as a gastronomic ingredient.

During that year, he tried with a very small experimental field, in collaboration with the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences from the University of Catania, in the meantime aiming to rediscover some ancient varieties cultivated in Sicily. In 2011 he seeded a field of about 1200 square meters, in the hope to reach good results.

The rice is cultivated with a semi-dry system: the soil is always humid, as for vegetables, but not swamp. During the first year, 2011, he harvested only five quintals and the operation of polishing (i.e. removing the hulls, the external peel of the grain) was done in Calabria.



The harvest is made with a small combine harvester for grain, to ensure the least possible damage to the rice production. This operation takes place in October and immediately after it is necessary to dry the freshly harvested rice from the moisture.

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